Monday, 9 May 2011

The weekend in Tradgardland...

It is the back of six in the morning on Monday and already the sun is shinning...
It was a good weekend on the whole apart from walking to on Sunday to the shops and getting soaked to the skin on the way back by a heavy shower. Yesterday saw Jan buying a folding bicycle for her journey to work and hopefully she will get it today or tomorrow. She saw one recently that she liked and has gone for it.
Saturday was the annual Wargames Show Carronade in Falkirk. An excellent show in a high school , it is fast becoming one of the best shows here in Scotland. Myriad traders were there and some excellent looking games. The magnificent 1938vbcw game rightly won a prize- beautiful figures and superb terrain. However the most important part of it all was meeting old and new friends- friends from my uni days club and my current one here in Fife amongst others. It was good to catch up enthuse,reminisce and hopefully make plans to meet up sometime.
I managed to resist starting a new period ( always a worry for me) and picked up a few sample bases in order to rebase my syw chaps for the coming campaign season in The Disputed Valley. They are made by a local friendly company who give superb service and are excellent- . The new set of dark age skirmish rules by Gripping Beast sound interesting and may be a Autumn project.
Sunday saw painting of 40mm chaps for the ongoing project as well as watching Sir Ian Macelleran as an amazing Richard III in 30's kit on dvd. hopefully some more bases will be purchased this week and sorting out and collating will continue. I had better close and go for the train. I hope you have a good day at work or whatever you are doing


  1. A nice productive weekend for you. I hear good things about Falkirk's Carronade show. One of these days I might be able to attend.

  2. Sorry I missed you at the show. Afer reading your blogs for so long it would have been fine to have a chat.

  3. It would indeed have been excelent- maybe Claymore...