Sunday, 1 May 2011

Re Stylish Blogger Award...

Good Morning All! The sun is shining here in the Duchy and it is the back of 7.00am on Sunday Morning. I'm delighted ,if somewhat surprised, to have got nominated for this award and my first task is to thank Conrad for his kind words.I often feel that the Duchy is full of loose ends ,uncompleted projects and a few good ideas amongst the aforementioned ones. His link is-

My second task is to tell seven things about me:

1)I met my wife at a church flower festival. Her presence there was due to a series of circumstances which are most baroque indeed but I am so glad that she did go...

2) My father was a lawyer with a great interest in the Romans and archaeology .He took me to Vindolanda and Hadrian's Wall as a boy,bought me Roman coins and other souvenirs. I think this early influence ( coupled with Ladybird books ) sparked off my love of History which has accompanied me throughout my life.

3) As a boy I always played games whereby the Britains toy soldiers fought the Timpo ones. Needless to say the Timpo ones were made to lose all the time.

4) I was a Sergent in the C.C.F at school ,loved it and thought about joining the Army but asthma soon put the idea out of my mind.

5) When my middle daughter was in hospital near Christmas around eight years ago some celebrities came round the ward. They were from Heart of Midlothian F.C - she wasn't interested at all but I was extremely excited and asked for autographs for myself. Anna wished she had been in the year before because the band Steps had come round the ward...

6) I love arty films and a highlight of my student days was getting into the Edinburgh Filmhouse for 50p on Wednesday afternoons. My favourite films are "Fanny and Alexander" by Ingmar Berman and Peter Greenaway's "Draughtsman's Contract"

7) I worked full time for a Church for 10 years and belong to another one now where I feel I more fully belong.

Enough about me ,now for some nominations: A fantastic ancients orientated blog... Old School ACW gaming at it's best... Inspiring gaming indeed... The blog of an excellent artist paul's fantastic FLW garden wargaming blog... An interesting VBCW blog... Always interesting information and inspiration...
 A superb D M Cornish wargaming blog... Always worth a read...

 Well thought out and inspiring ideas...

Well thanks again Conrad and to the rest of you for reading...


  1. Alan,

    Your honorific is noted and gratefully received. I'm thinking about appropriate answers for the list of questions.

    Many thanks,

  2. Congratulations to you and thanks for nominating my little blog. Although, as someone else said in comments on another blog, the way this thing is set up hardly a blog will go umarked. LOL
    I think I will not pass it along, though. I guess just about every wargaming blog I read has already been nominated anyway.
    I do enjoy your posts and your enthusiasm for new projects.