Saturday, 30 April 2011

Painted Figures...

My figure painting has been "A game of two halves" as they say in footballing circles. The 40mm efforts have been very unsuccessful so far and the less said the better about them.

I felt in the need of a boast so I went to the unpainted box upstairs and was inspired to paint up a unit of Tradgardland Jaeger from around 1866. They are from the Spencer Smith Classic range and jolly good figures they are too. I bought them last August when I began thinking about the Duchy of Tradgardland in the 19th Century. They were purchased around the time of Jan's op and were looked at briefly and filed away . Since then I have hummed and hawed about them ( not to mention making a few notes and looking at the lead in bags and boxes from time to time) as they have associations with a difficult time for us all. However I feel I have left such feelings behind( we have come through the treatment etc successfully and Spring is here symbolically and in reality too) by painting them and basing them for "Hearts of Tin" rules. I am pleased with the results,inspired to further paint units for the Civil War that tore Tradgardland in two around 1866 and hopefully be able to face those 40mm bounders once more! Now where did I leave my copy of "The Prisoner of Zenda" ...


  1. THE SS figures are VERY tempting ! - I'm such a wargaming butterfly !.

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