Saturday 9 April 2011

Hols at last and diverse matters...

Here I am feeling a tad like the battered old Minifig- more about his kindred anon and hoping that I will be more like the splendid chap in the painting in a day or two!Dear Reader read on...

Finished for Easter hols yesterday. I had found myself in that vile overtired place where I just couldn't stop- hardly sleeping, rising at 4.45 am and teaching all day then parent's evenings and being home by 7.30-8pm! I hope that I can stop this cycle- have started quite well with a lie in until 6.50am today - excellent for me I might add. Fluey/cold is going too thankfully! I have lain out the 40 mm Tradgardlanders once more and intend to get down to business today- the arms race had restarted Mr Olley!

Yesterday afternoon on my return from school amidst frenetic gardening and tea making I rummaged in the garage ( much easier now the Guinea Pigs have moved out from their winter quarters. By the by my daughter gets annoyed when I wind her up by calling them Skaven- actually Petal and Pumpkin are really cute..) and came accross an excellent 40mm Elastolin mortar ( really fires too) which the Duchy will field and some 40mm Elastolin which I am tempted to field too. I must try and see what full round Elastolin look with Prince August- have any of you tried it on the table top?

There I was the other day whilst reading blogs linked to Emperor v Elector I came upon "The Sharp end of the Brush" - a super place indeed. The pictures I saw there transported me right back to school days circa latish 1970's and the games we played with Minifigs Mythical earth range.... I was transported in my mind to games played set in middle Earth . The photos included one of my favourites- the giant!Sadly my figures are long since lost. I would dearly like to try what painting skills I have aquired over the years ( little I assure you) on such ME figures.Does anyone know who has the moulds and if the figs are available? I fear that I could be tempted to buy some to have a go ,dig out my copy of South EastScotland Wargames Club rules for the period from the loft and go for it..,Can any of you point me in the right direction?

Off to get more coffee and sort out the paint pots- have a great day whatever you are doing!


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    I started my holidays yesterday as well (although a glance at my blog will show that it was marked by a rather momentous event), and I am looking forward to enjoying mine no end. I hope that you enjoy your much-earned break as well, and that you get lots of things that you want to do, done.

    All the best,


  2. Happy hols,

    you could always enquire about the ME range direct to Minfigs:

    Looking forward to seeing those 40mm painted up

    -- Allan

  3. Enjoy your time off, sir. Take some deep breaths and just listen to the day.

    Lie back on the ground and watch the clouds . . . let the stress of the pace you've been living just sink into the ground.

    Take the time to appreciate all of the good things that surround you . . . especially your family.

    Don't try to adhere to any schedule, just enjoy your leisure.

    -- Jeff

  4. Tidders I contacted Dave Ryan as you suggested -
    . He said, when asked if he would be making the old ME figures again -
    "When we find the masters moulds yes!"
    and also-
    "you might also mention that we have just released some 25mm Peninsular
    napoleonics- the
    first new 25mm minifigs in 20 odd years!"

    Interesting news indeed...

  5. Oh dear, more lead to resist. I'd be interested in seeing those rules you mention though.



  6. I have mixed a few Elastolin and PA Vikings and will probably do more down the road. The PA figures are a little taller and a LOT heftier.
    -Ross Mac