Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tradgardland 1730 gets even bigger...

Well it has been a busy day which began withe the paintbrush out,continued at Ikea and proceeded by visiting my mother en famile... Just enough energy left to let you know that the Army of the Duchy of Tradgardland of 1730 will be depicted in 40mm using Prince August moulds and home casting. Two regiments already cast and on the painting tray. More tomorrow including Muster Rolls from the Duchy and my reconstruction of the Duchy's Order of Battle from archival sources.


  1. Seduced by 40mm !

    Enjoy, I love the PA figures and the process of casting. They paint up well too

    -- Allan

  2. Its a slippery slope you have started on.

    First it is s few infantry, then some cavalry, and the artillery. Before you know it you have got 20 moulds.

    Welcome to the Prince August fun

  3. If your old troops need new homes I'm willing to put up adoption papers for the wayfarers.

  4. 20 molds? I think I'm around 50 at this point, counting duplicates acquired as part of lots. Worse than potato chips...