Monday, 18 April 2011

Today in the Duchy...

Family back to school today. Have restarted painting ( to the accompaniment of LOTR talking book and Kerrang radio) 40mm Prince August chaps which are proceeding well. Took a break from them to do some 54mm bicycle mounted Staff figures for Funny Little Wars- if you fancy a peep at them... Sorted out ( or rather shuffled about) some piles of unpainted figures to think about much later- say summer hols. Have been planning how to take my VBCW 1938 chaps forward - watch out for steam tank and some emigre advisers !


  1. Good to see the Duke is back on track. Looking forward to get back to some hobby time after May 4th when college is finished...



  2. Don't let that Olley scoundrel draw too far head!