Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sun it Rises...

Firstly some news from yesterday's post-Tidders I contacted Dave Ryan as you suggested -. He said, when asked if he would be making the old ME figures again -"When we find the masters moulds yes!"and also-"you might also mention that we have just released some 25mm Peninsular napoleonics- the first new 25mm Minifigs in 20 odd years!" I have contacted Mr Ryan over the over the years to buy from his marvellous emporium at Caliver Books. he is always friendly , helpful and provides a great service...

I don't know about you about some of my favourite items and therefore best purchases of books and music over the years have been bought as bargains or 2nd hand.Yesterday was indeed another example a brand new CD and EP both for £1 ! I had heard some of their songs before but I have been bowled over by their music since I bought it yesterday- I refer to the Fleet Foxes. Do give yourself a treat and listen to what they themselves describe as " Baroque harmonic pop jams!"

Spent yesterday in the garden planting potatoes, gardening generally,enjoying the sun,reading a reenactment magazine and making myriad hobby plans.The sun is up for what looks like another glorious day here in the Duchy of Tradgardland...


  1. I suggest that you warn Mr. Ryan to check the paperwork and make sure that he CAN legally still make those figures.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I've heard many times that the Tolkien family and those that they've licensed to produce "Middle Earth" objects are very very serious about their rights and are quick to take legal action.

    I don't recall those figures so I don't know how specific or generic they are . . . but the way that they are labelled could be very important.

    None of us would like Mr. Ryan to get into legal trouble.

    -- Jeff

  2. Here in the Electorate of Teutonburg-Fredonia, all ploughshares have been turned into swords, as the amry continues to muster and mobilise. The result is that the garden has been somewhat neglected, but hey ho the smelting and casting of metals is a sight to behold...

  3. "I love the smell of smelting in the morning..." as they say!

  4. Music heard drifting from the Tradgardlandian Embassy in Teutonburg-Freedonia.