Thursday 28 April 2011

Holiday Weekend -Huzzah!

Well the Holiday Weekend has begun- Royal Wedding tomorrow and on Monday the Feast of St Joseph the Worker/May Day! All the Tradgardland Household are off for the next four days and it is great! For part of tomorrow we shall all be glued to the television watching the Royal wedding (myself included) and then we shall see what the weekend holds...
It is indeed good to be off and the Wargames Show in Falkirk "Carronade" next weekend to look forward to also. I hope to attend it as it is an excellent show which is held in a superb venue and there are always superb games and traders too.
Finally,for now a wee timely challenge- which is the Royal Wedding depicted above and who are the happy couple? Answers to be posted as comments please.


  1. Not a good idea to put the answer in the filename of the picture... :o))

  2. Ooopphss! A tad "techie" for me to understand...Do explain Steve?

  3. If you click on the picture for a bigger view, or even hover your mouse over it, it tells you that the picture has file name "georgeandcarobig%255B1%255D.jpg"... bit of a give away... :o))