Monday, 11 April 2011

Doldrums etc

I have got up and find myself in the Doldrums- listless,lacking in energy and hoping the winds of inspiration will blow soon. Perhaps the black dog is maybe sniffing around too... However I ,whilst unable to do anything constructive,have been musing upon old school ancients,nostalgia for the Toy Tub wargames shop in Edinburgh of my youth where my first lead figs came from, Roman Client Kingdoms,I Claudius ,opponents for my EIR and ancient city state imaginations based in the East ruled by priests of the sun... P.S email from Dave Ryan of Caliver esp for Bluebear Jeff- Thanks for the comment. I am certain that the last severeal times they were re-issued they were called MYTHICAL EARTH, which is the title Alan used when he e-mailed me.;or just renamed and put in a generic fantasy rangeN, I have no intention of calling them Lord of the Rings or MIddle Earth! CheersDave


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    Ah! How often have I felt the same. The euphoria of the start of the holidays carries you through the first weekend ... and then the general fatigue and malaise brought on by relaxing after overworking for so long kicks in.

    Been there ... bought the t-shirt!

    It will pass (you know that) and your 'treatment' is what I would have recommended. A large dose of nostalgia (usually accompanied by reading one of the earlier wargames books when people had FUN and communicated that to you!) will get you back on your feet in no time at all.

    Here's to a speedy 'recovery',

    All the best,


  2. Calling them by a different name should be fine, I would think. I just didn't want him to get in trouble . . . he has his hand on too many fine projects that we all would like to see continue . . . I'm not sure how many of the books he's published that I have . . . but it is a significant number.

    Remember that one of the purposes of holidays is to relax and recharge yourself. Don't "schedule" your time . . . this is supposed to be a vacation from that.

    Don't panic . . . gaming things will take care of themselves for a while.

    -- Jeff

  3. If I may, perhaps it may for a part the distressing effect of dispersion over too many unlinked projects? None progresses at a cheering pace...

    Take care - best wishes.

  4. Jeff
    I know Dave was grateful for your advice and concern...

    Jean Louis
    Oh dear I perhaps do need to be chastened for my diversity of projects. However multi-tasking seems to be the zietgiest of the age is it not?
    I do think there is an over arching theme to many of my projects. I wish I could be focussed like Stokes but I am not...
    So true - an excellent diagnosis too!
    I must try to RELAX....