Sunday, 15 May 2011

Musings and updates from the Duchy...

It was a tad windy in the Duchy yesterday - the newly green Beech hedge took a hammering and it was impossible to sow seeds outdoors. However Jan & I spent a useful and enjoyable afternoon in the garden with the grass being cut and further cultivation tasks being completed. I did muse , in the light of my previous post and those of the Duchy itself, that in some way my armies are made in my own image. A word of explanation is perhaps necessary. Tradgardland was conceived by me as a rural 18th century Duchy with an army based upon militia who gave a portion of their time to military service and the rest to crafts and agricultural . In a vbcw my main interest is in Mistery /Array - is a theme developing? Finally my 54mm chaps (Army Red/White) are based upon the Swiss military experience of the early 20th century. I rest my case - this has all occurred without a grand plan honestly. Do you think your armies reflect you and if so how? 2000 word essay to be handed in on Monday or a comment here would do if you don't mind...

Yesterday also saw a tiny amount of work on the 40mm chaps who don't seem to be coming together for me at all and the beginning of rebasing the 18th century Tradgardland and Imperium Cavalry using base/movement tray samples I got at Carronade last week. The rest are in the post for me and will arrive this week. I am still working on the vbcw stuff in terms of seeing what few items need to be purchased from the Ducal war chest prior to autumn/winter 1938 gaming. Once rebasing has been accomplished the 18th century solo gaming in Tradgardland can commence once more. Jean -Louis fear not I have not forgotten Tradgardland!

Finally I must admit to myself and to others that it is surprising how much one's imagination becomes important in some way and is bigger than the some of its parts if you know what I mean. Finally Bob of late has been saying how much he enjoys reading other's Blogs. I certainly concur in this and say that a mug of good strong coffee and your latest updates upon your blogs makes a most enjoyable and interesting way to start most days for me. More power to your elbow gentlemen all!


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    It seems to me that you favour the concept of the 'citizen-soldier' rather than having a split between your army and the people it serves. This is no bad thing ... and I suspect that if you were to build a late 20th century army it would tend towards the Israeli model rather than a totally professional force.

    Reading other people's blogs is a great inspiration, and helps 'drive' our own endeavours forward. It can also revive one’s flagging spirit when the ‘real’ world drains them. As to blogs being a spur to one’s imagination … well, they can transport us from the humdrum and confusing existence of our own lives to somewhere where things make sense … and that is no bad thing. To have no imagination is a bad thing as it does not enable us to extrapolate from our own experiences.

    This all sounds a bit serious and philosophical, but one of the things that concern me as an educationalist is the dearth of imagination that I see in some young people. This can have tragic consequences when they cannot foresee the consequences of their own actions.

    Lecture over; have a good day!

    All the best,


  2. Bob
    Couldnt agree more with your philosophising. You are welcome to comment in such a vein here any time you like. I was interested by your Isreali comment - never thought about it before. I guess a combo of the citizen and professional model appeals most - perhaps I'm just a ldv at heart!
    best wishes

  3. I have noticed over the years that I tended to paint lots of my armies (in many periods) favoring the colors red and yellow . . . especially troops with red coats and yellow trim.

    When mentioning this to my dear wife she reminded me of a photo of me as a boy (yes, I was one many decades ago). In it I am standing with my Dad in front of one of his company trucks . . . you guessed it, red with yellow trim!

    As for reading other blogs, for me it fills in for the conversations that I might have in a really good gaming club . . . which I, like many of us, lack any access to (I can't drive a few hundred kilometers including a two-hour ferry trip just to get to a club). But reading blogs sort of fills its place.

    -- Jeff

  4. I agree with Bob and Jeff on the blogs. That's why I enjoy ones that discuss rules, whether homegrown or commercial, as well as ones that talk about people's various projects, ones that show lots of cool pictures of miniatures and terrain and all, and even ones that occasionally veer away from wargames and miniatures and give a little glimpse into other aspects of the blogger's life.

    As for armies, hmmm, I think I tend towards ones that are a bit eccentric and colorful (in character, as well as in, well, colors). I like a variety of different uniforms for each unit, with at least some Highlanders/Scottish types included.
    Speaking of colors, I tend to prefer green and white first, or blue and white (although my dwarf armies are blue and yellow and red and yellow).

  5. I agree with Bob, it's good to get away from the mundane world for a while into one where matters do make sense. As for a lack of imagination, I agree there too. Trouble is, many adults as well as kids lack any shred of imagination.