Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wargstadt ,early morning...

It is early morning in the back streets of Wargstadt an old man collects his daily bread from the bakers and returns home. He is interrupted from his musings by a small dog who barks a greeting to to him. Around the corner is the Church where the Electors are meeting. As the old man passes by the Electors are hearing Mass prior to the first session. His thoughts briefly alight upon them before returning to matters more mundane...

Meanwhile in the Church the Electors have gathered . For you here is a list of the Fourteen as they are known:

  1. Peter von Alderfort - Guild Meister of the Guild of Falconers - a man reputed to be ambitious,wise, generous but an intriguer...

  2. Joachim Durkhiemer- Guild Meister of the Guild of Clockwork , Ulhwerkhausen- a man infamous for his cruelty, unreliability and over powering ambition

  3. Ulric and Elric von Wargstadt- albino twins and each the Grand Meister of one of the rival shooting fraternities of Wargstadt . Both men are energetic, good tempered and absolutely loyal to any cause they follow-except each other

  4. The Slydavian Ambassador to Tradgardland speaks for the Slydavian community of Wasehiem

  5. Joseph Wilderludwig- Guild Meister of the Meister Butchers of Wildschwein. The role of Guild Meister is an entirely honory position which is currently held by a member of the Empress of the Imperium's Kitchen Staff. In this case by a vain Chocaltier of unstoppable ambition...

  6. The Master of the Horse Ritter von Altdorf

  7. The Hereditary Librarian of Oberspange -an Nobel of the Imperium Court ( one who answers only to his title never his name) who is devoted to scholarship and the obtaining rare manuscripts at the expense of everything else...

  8. The Count of Unheimlichwald- one who is described in the Wargstadt broadsheets as "Having something of the night about him..." yet presents as happy young man of sunny disposition

There are two External Electors who do not belong to the towns that make up the Disputed Valley. They have travelled far and quickly from their respective homelands to be here for the first session. One is the Tradgardland representative Von Bergmann and the other the Imperium Ambassador . They represent their country's longstanding but rival interests within the Valley.

Mass is now over and the Electors file two by two into the debating chamber ready for the first session. There is much talk of the absence of some of the Fourteen whose will arrive later that day. Until then there is much to talk of and fellow Electors to weigh up, disregard or even listen to.


  1. 'Interesting' characters for interesting times...

  2. I must say that I particularly like the artwork that you've posted in this and your previous post.

    They have a very nice "feel" to them and remind me of . . . well I'm not really sure, but of something I like anyway.

    -- Jeff

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  4. I think that I have met this Hereditary Librarian...

    Quite a cast of characters, the assembly will be contentious.



  5. Why do we in Monte-Cristo suspect that Count of Unheimlichwald's blood springs from Transylvania (no, NOT this one)?

  6. The 'other' Transylvania...

    Actually, an excuse to see if the new Monte-Cristan flag, kindly drawn by 'NBA' David, appears on new comments...