Saturday, 10 September 2011

20 years (plus) after...

Well over 20 years ago I used to go to a shop in Glasgow called Tower Records which was an excellent shop with a wide range of products. I remember buying an American magazine - card unglossy cover,black and white illustrations only which contained articles abouts homesteading,American folklore,the outdoors and diverse interesting stuff. I eventually subscribed for some years...
I cannot now recall the magazine's name nor little about it- the copies have loooong since gone. I have a yen to have a look again at it .Any suggestions about what it could be?

Whilst on the subject of magazines I must say I find it hard to find anything consistently to my taste. The wargames glossies are ok ( or sometimes not at all) but little depth in terms of articles- all eye candy and merchandising. I subscribed to "Battlegames" for a while and it was better. Phil Olley's was grand but now on hold/gone. I am interested in living History but find "Skirmish" bitty and superficial. I have bought "On the Trail" from the US and really enjoyed it. I buy "Gardens illustrated " every month and find it inspirational- good articles and inspiring visuals. Anyone suggest something to read- who knows I might end up subscribing and reading regularly in my pride and joy,sorry garage/sun room....


  1. Agree with comments about wargames glossies and particularly Skirmish, but how about joining the Pike and Shot society to get 'Arquebusier'. Great read but not regular. Also found 'History Today' good a while back. If only 'Look and Learn' was still available.

  2. Hello Alan,

    It sounds like you're describing "The Backwoodsman" magazine. If so, they're still going strong and can be reached at,

    Another magazine that you might enjoy reading (and it just started up a couple of months ago, so you'd be getting in near the start) is Journal Of The Early Americas. Check them out at

    Ever since The Midwestern Wargamer's Association Newsletter, under the sainted Hal Thinglum (forever blessed be his name) went under, there's not much to be said for wargame publications. Mr. Hyde makes a valiant attempt, but WOOF! the price!

    Hope my suggestions help you pass the time in your tiny kingdom/garage.

    Yours From Central Indiana,