Monday, 26 September 2011

Two questions and returning to my roots

Of late I have sensed a going back to my roots- hence the old D&D piccie. I really enjoyed D&D ( not to mention Bunnies and Burrows at school- I kid you not...) in the late 70's and early to mid 80's. I got out of role playing for years and now find the same excitement I felt then in the Ganesha games -Songs of Blades and Heroes,it's supplements and songs of drums and shakos. The same engine works for fantasy,awi, Monster blood Tatoo,Ny Tradgardland and other of my projects.

I enjoy the planning of warbands as much as I enjoyed my characters from my RPG days. I played a lot of druids in those days - so much so that it became my nick-name in certain circles at the time. So here I am nearly 30years later getting back into the sort of games I enjoyed then- this time mainly solo.
Finally two questions-

1) Ideas please for 18th century adventurer figures please- the quirkier the better

2) Ideas for the sort of adventurers I knew in my D&D days- druids,cleric, etc- you know the types. I am not so up to speed on fantasy figure manufacturers so I'd be grateful for some pointers...


  1. If you can get hold of something like Alexander Selkirk/Robinson Crusoe (and possibly his servant as well). Is that quirky enough for you?

    If you count explorers as adventurers, you could have figures that represent people like Fletcher Christian, James Cook, Lewis & Clark, or Mungo Park.

    Is that helpful, or did you want the names of figure manufacturers who could supply these sorts of figures?

    All the best,


  2. Ooophs I have been a tad confusing in my post- I actually wanted figure manufacturers but Bob your list has given me some excellent research ides thanks!

  3. Alan,

    Depending on what you are looking for try the following:



  4. The Wargames Factory War of the Spanish Succession infantry and cavalry boxes offer plenty of opportunities for figure conversion and customization. Lots of loose weapons and other bits that you can add to your figures. The bad news, at least for your project, is only 1/3 of the infantry figures are posable. The other 2/3 are march attack pose. I haven't received the cavalry yet (any day now) but I plan on making a few into a highwayman and his pursuers and the Swamp Fox and his men.

  5. Try any 'pirate' ranges (these + Artizan, Crusader, Redoubt, Warrior...) and search for officers.
    Also check Outpost Wargame Services, Privateer Press for (Warmachine) Cygnar (some do look 18th C.)... Fenryll does have a very 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' Witch Hunter...

    As for adventures, I feel that for the 18th C. Horror / Pulp ('Lacepulp') campaigns are more 'in character' than 'traditional fantasy' ones with Dragons, Dwarves, Elves and Orcs -Conan rather than Gandalf; but it's of course 200% personal.

  6. As for adventures, I think that perhaps looking at the 19th century exploration of Africa might inspire some 18th century journeys there.

    For figures I might suggest looking at some of the "Pirate" ranges of figures.

    -- Jeff

  7. I remember Bunnies and Burrows. Made characters, but never actually played.

    The ranges I am most familiar are Foundry, Blue Moon, and Black Scorpion, all of which have various figures that provide some potential, including civilians, clerics, and military figures of various sorts.

  8. Ah yes ,the thrill of D and D. I also remember Tunnels and Trolls. How about Vendel for some basic Lord of the Rings type races? Must try out SOBAH.

  9. Gentlemen
    many thanks for the comments and ideas. I enjoyed the links suggested and had an enjoyable time browsing through the myriad figures.
    I was most taken with the 18th century possibilities of the Outpost figures- a few extra packs etc and I shall be well equipped for any eventuality. The Fenryll figures were completely new to me and I am sorely tempted by the more trad D&D nature of them.
    Finally does anyone remember Chivalry and Socery- I hd the books but never got round to playing I'm afraid!

  10. If you don't mind your heroes to be 'larger than life' (read: taller by 2-3mm than your 'basic NPC' figurines) Shadowforge, in the 'Laughing Monk' range, has several minis obviously taken from the 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' movie.
    Then, one can easily 'lose' 1.5 -2mm by separating the mini from its original base and gluing / soldering it to very thin metallic plate.

  11. I never played C&S either . . . but I still have it.

    One thing that I still maintain is that the "basic" D&D was and is a much better game than the "advanced" game (including the new one that they've dropped the Advanced from and call D&D).

    The real key to the original game was "role-playing" not "table reading and dice rolling" of the later versions.

    Imagination and Storytelling; not Bookkeeping is what real D&D should be about.

    -- Jeff

  12. Valiant (Magnificient Egos) Pilgrim (painted).
    There is also a female version, 'Pilgrim reincarnate'.

  13. Afternoon
    just noticed this seller on ebay has a heap of Minifigs ME figures!!