Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Good reads and "... another door opens."

Rob had kindly offered to send me his Mythical Earth figures. The five figures arrived today and were in fact from Minifig's D&D range...

I was a tad disappointed not to see some figures from my youth but delighted see the pig faced orcs. I have never owned pig faced orcs before ( to be honest I always was unsure of these D&D chaps- I had always been told that Gary Gygax had had a misunderstanding with his illustrator - perhaps you know better) but am excited at the prospect of using them as a warband of orcs for Songs of Blades!
Perhaps I might take on Ross's early Citadel chaps if he's interested!
Also posted is a photo of a couple of excellent reads I am savoring at present- the Pike&Shot Society's journal and a magazine of Living History from the America.

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  1. Great issue or Arquebusier isn't it? Best for a while. If you need more pig faced orcs Minifigs are remaking them, but at a ridiculous price :( My Mrs. gets Country Living too, uncanny isn't it?