Friday 2 September 2011


Friday night at last. I am overly oppressed by planning paperwork and by the ever shifting sands of what I am expected to do...

Work to do over the weekend and little or no energy to do it.Things can only get better! Sorry for being a moan chaps.


  1. You have my sympathy.

    I am glad that after forty years, I do not have that sort of rubbish to deal with anymore.

    There was a time when teachers taught ... and paperwork was done by office staff. Now all teachers seem to be overburdened with paperwork, a lot of which seems to have little to do with their main job.

    Good luck (and hopefully you will get some time this weekend to do what you want to do),


  2. Chin up old boy, and keep the next regiment to be painted in the back of your mind- you teachers do a great job against all odds-cheers