Saturday, 17 September 2011

Invaluable resources and diverse matters

It is Saturday morning here in Tradgardland with places to go and people to see- in this case my Mother's monthly shop and a visit to the Gyle Shopping centre. Last evening was partially spent ( when not watching an excellent bbc archaeology prog at 9pm) organising awi militia, rangers,Iroquois etc for a Sounds of Drums and Shakoes solo game later this weekend.It will be based in the Mohawk Valley.
As I needed to look some information up in these books I thought I would post a picture of three old friends- books I have found invaluable over the years. I have had them between 20 and 25 years now and they have provided many enjoyable hours of browsing not to mention inspiration for painting and gaming.


  1. While it is actually a bit earlier and not AWI, I heartily recommend viewing the movie "The Last of the Mohicans" to get you in the mood for some American wilderness warfare . . . and the soundtrack is fabulous as well as it being visually inspiring.

    -- Jeff

  2. You simply can't beat a good reference book.