Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A shed load of updates...

Wednesday evening and the latest on the garage.Here is Gary the Joiner and his great work today.We are more than delighted with it so far and cannot wait until it is finished! Reading an excellent pdf translation of a 13th century Norwegian book called "The King's Mirror"- geography,folklore,military detail and sheds loads more fascinating delights to read... fairly cheering up part of lunchtime I can say!


  1. Alan,

    The King's Mirror is a great choice for you and your interests, Alan. Might I suggest two more?

    -The Saga of the Jomsvikings . It is too early for your wargaming project I think but it sets out a nice framework for a wargames scenario.

    -The Poetic Edda, especially Hávamál (The Words of the High One (ie Odin).

    Two literary aperitifs to set the mood for some real slash and hack skirmish gaming! Remember that a real Norse hero dies with a laconic quip on his lips ("So, you finally sharpened that sword of yours...")


  2. Looks very nice !!!

    best regards Dalauppror

  3. Looking good. Your reading material sounds very interesting.

  4. I also thought of suggesting Jomsviking earlier . . . but it IS a few centuries too early.

    However there are other "Icelandic Sagas" (not all of which are from Iceland) that may well provide some good grist for your mill.

    -- Jeff