Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Perhaps a tad impatient...

Yesterday evening I posted a request on OSw,GWP3 Tardis and somewhere else I can't remember! I haven't had any replies and perhaps(as it is 6.00am 14/9/11 as I write this...)I am being a tad impatient. I am looking for some Mythical Earth figures (circa1976) to use in a Songs of Blades and Heroes side project combining these newish rules with Old School figures. I have a few left from the armies I raised at school which have long since gone. I have mentioned them here before and posted piccies of my wargs and wood elves. I am not looking for loads just some to use in skirmishes. Do have a look in the loft and let me know - I am not looking for freebies by the way - in case people have misunderstood me on other groups etc.
Today is my middle daughter's birthday and she will be 15- I can hardy believe it! Today is also a year to the day since Jan began her course of Chemo and I cannot believe that either. It has been a big year,will be an annoying day at work I fear but we look forward to an enjoyable family meal tonight at home.Have a good day one and all!


  1. I can't help with the figures, but I hope that you have a reasonable day at work and a great evening with your family.

    All the best,


  2. I have some old Ral Partha figs from the 70's, different from the minifig ones and still the same era.

    If you are interested I could do up some pictures? As it happens I am shedding some of the unused lead of the past years via eBay or other sales.

    Shoot me a note or on my blog:

  3. Minifigs (under Caliver books banner) are producing some stuff, including 'pig-snout' orcs!, but I fear they may be Minifigs from the 1980's and not what you may be after. Was there a earlier range called 'valley of the 4 winds'?

    I'm always after Minifigs 15mm Napoleonic 2nd generation figures and I know how tricky they are to find, so I appreciate you're on a quest for rare items.