Tuesday 30 August 2011

Flag unfurled

A new banner flies in Umstrittental (The Disputed Valley) produced with love and care by women from all the towns that comprise the Umstrittental League. Each of the towns will fly it for a time before taking it to the next.By such a means all will get to see the Great Banner for themselves. In battle the Great banner will accompany the League's troops into action...

I hope ( although no doubt things will intervene) to set up the first battle of the Umstrittental Bund over my September long weekend when there will be time and energy to set a game up and leave it up overnight, playing a solo game over the weekend and when the family are at work and school...


  1. Some fine needlework. Do the 2 trees and 4 rocks represent anything in particular...?
    best- Mike

  2. Mike
    The ring represents the unity and fraternity of the towns,the two trees represent strength and wisdom in equal importance and the rocks stand for the three persons of the Trinity and Our Lady...

  3. Great looking flag Alan,

    It will no doubt inspire into action the locals as well as the Valley's self-interested neighbours...


  4. Inspirational and loaded of symbols.
    Looking forward to see it tasting first blood.