Monday 1 August 2011

Wise words from The worker leading to musing...

Morning all! I have been catching up with your blogs today. I was most taken with what I read at today regarding planning the rest of the wargaming year in terms of what to do and what to leave in the recesses of the lead vault!

Inspirational stuff, simple and straightforward some may say, but to a "wargaming butterfly" like me it is very hard to keep to a plan. In the course of a day my mind flies into planning myriad projects yet little happens on lead- sometimes loads on paper though. I can,of course, retain the jottings for future use and often do but one needs to plan or at least have some plan of wandering through the wargaming wood- trying to follow the path ,stopping for brief forays into fantastical glades before continiuing one's journey. But always being aware of the passage of time and the need to move towards the homely house with smoke billowing from the chimney and coffee upon the stove...

I have ,as regular readers will remember , been musing upon this on and off for ages and have sorted out a load of figures this summer with the intention of giving them away. However I retain too many "Rainy day " projects I cannot bear to part with,which evoke time and place or have memories or I feel I might "need" in the future. Often I think if I had remained focussed what fantastical armies in a few periods I would have amassed- but I didn't and that's that! So where am I going in all this- don't ask me...

Fitzbadger's blog and my own reflections remind me of the great joy of solo gaming,minimal sized armies,finite space and simple flexible rules. So the imagination project will continue most certainly. I also enjoy gaming with my local club and my long time wargaming partner too. Priorities will have to be made in relation to these demands and joys soon but not today. Apologies for the introspection,thanks for reading this far and have a good day- may the sunne shine on you!
p.s Bluebear Jeff I haven't forgotten your burning question - will research and post soon


  1. It was just something that piqued my curiosity . . . and it still does in a mild (not burning) way.

    Who knows, it might even lead to something wargamable?

    -- Jeff

  2. 'not all that wander are lost' The motto of the butterfly wargamer . I admire single minded/period gamers but its not for me I'm afraid .

  3. The key is whether you're having fun or not. There are many paths of enjoyment and not every path works for everyone.
    For myself, I get a lot of inspiration from various blogs and websites, but in the end I follow my own bagpiper.
    If the paths you have taken leave you with some regrets or dissatisfaction then it's worth introspection and figuring out what you want to do differently.
    I've always liked the line Mosstrooper quoted. If you enjoy flitting around from project to project I wouldn't worry too much about it.