Sunday 7 August 2011

The Imperium advances...

A detachment of the Imperium Army makes it's way across the Polkadot plain on the way to the Disputed Valley. Please Click on the photos to see more of the regiments and read their names...


  1. Great troops indeed! How did you write their names on the photos?

  2. Hey, that's our tablecloth! Figures looking good too.

  3. Very attractive minis, and nice photographic display, but have I missed something? Who's the guy on the rock?

  4. Will we soon see pics of the Tragardland forces?

    Will Micek Duda get to show off?

  5. Glad you liked the figures...
    Capt Bill- I opened the saved photo with a paint package and used that to add text and draw the line...

    Micek Duda will indeed appear - I posted pics of the Ducal Guard already the other week... more soon.

    The guy on the rock is there because I like the figure and I see him as an enthusiastic adc/member of Staff who is keen to scout ahead with the light inf...

  6. Thanks for the description of your texts, I can't wait to give it a try...