Sunday 21 August 2011

Sumpf Speil...

Sunday morning.

The week and weekend have been too busy so far to paint.I am always surprised,but should not be so, by how little spare time and energy I have upon my return to work. The needs of family come first and hobby takes third place- at least in terms of practical gaming and painting.However there are opportunities to plan,day dream and most importantly scribble notes down for future reference. And so "Sumpf Speil" was born...

Sumpf is German for bog or marsh and is also the name of a town in the Disputed Valley located in a marshy area. The idea came from two main strands- firstly medieval troops in Ditchmarshen using their spears to vault over dykes and some Minifigs I had ordered. The syw figure of an Austrian sharpshooter resting his musket on a spear ( yes ,you know the one) was ideal to portray the light infantry from Sumpf. I imagined them crossing the marshes and drainage channels musket/rifle slung on their back vaulting with spear. The figures are stuck on 2p coins and undercoated awaiting work.

The game emerging in my head involves moving small bodies of troops across a marsh ( with or without a local guide malicious or otherwise) using dice for random movement and hazards.The Sumpf jaeger troops using their local skills to lure their enemies into difficulties perhaps. I had also thought of night actions where a guiding lantern and will o the wisps get mixed up and sow confusion. Maybe some folkloric element of real or imaginary danger can be filtered in too. I am at the early stages but am enjoying the process as I iron,garden and other tasks.

Well that's where we are at present .Over to you for some more ideas or comments- thanks !Sumpf Speil awaits your contribution...


  1. Sounds like a great fun idea and not something I've come across before.
    Not sure I have any bright ideas, having little experience with wetlands out here in the desert.

  2. I remember in a very early issue of 'Slingshot', the Journal of the S.O.A., a battle report set in a rather similar environment (maybe a bayou or mangrove) where one side used flat-bottomed crafts.

    Marshes have natural hazards (quicksand) and perhaps less natural ones: no equivalent of mermaids / loreleis in the marshes of the Disputed Valley? A Will-o'-the-wisp *may* be a natural phenomenon - or not.

  3. Jean-Louis I have been thinking of flat bottomed boats too...
    Not to mention natural and unnatural hazzards.....