Thursday 25 August 2011


I have spent ages trying to leave a comment at re a kind offer of his to no avail...
Sometimes I could see Blogger far ,far away!!!!!
Technology makes us it's servents rather than the converse I fear- please excuse this grumpy old man.


  1. Hi Alan

    I got the message, you are interested of one of the books:) I try to get back to you.

    Thanks Steve for the info:)

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. Hi again Alan

    Pleas try to post toyur e-mail agina at my blog but you might try a nother webbrowser, like google chrome, I use it and it work fine for me. Or you can register at our club forum and send me a PM ... I´m Dalauppror there to:)
    and I get in contact with you.

  3. Alan, I found the problems with leaving comments on blogs came down to the browser in use. Blogger refused to work with IE but was ok with Firefox.

  4. Thanks for help folks and especially to Steve who alerted Dalauppror.

  5. Ha... it's what our virtual wargaming club is all about... :o)

  6. Dude: I can relate to that. These days I'm finding it hard to leave comments at all, except when there are certain explicit indications that I may. Or at least, that they might see the light of day...