Monday 8 August 2011

An invitation to join in here in diminutive lead style ...

Any fellow imaginations/bloggers and sundry followers of matters Tradgardlandian , wishing to send representatives ( 25mm or 28mm mounted or on foot) to accompany either the Duke of Tradgardland or Graf von Apfelstrudel on their respective campaigns are invited to send their details to the respective camps now as the campaign season begins in earnest. Chaplains,natural philosophers, aide de camp, diverse characters and mere observers are most welcome. A place may be open to inspiring gentlemen within regiments too...

Those who are thinking of being involved are invited to send a little biographical detail with their figures with the potentiality of this being woven into the plot at some further date...


  1. Prinz Ernst is puzzled - be you requesting facsimilie paintings of his glorious personage, or requesting a visit in person?

  2. A visit from a representive of your country ( as a painted 28mm fig) would be excellent...

  3. Hi there Alan,

    I'm still on the road but had a chance to peek into some homey places on the web, Tradgardland among them. The visiting character idea appeals to me, you may expect a visitor from Syldavia after I finally get home once again...



  4. Jim
    That will be great- can't wait to see a Syldavian chap on the table...
    BTW what is the current diplomatic/military postion between Syldavia and The Imperium?

  5. It shall be so - to what point of geography shall we first steer on our sojourn?

    "Ich bin ein Tradgarlander" ... well it sounds better than last years' efforts, "Ich bin ein Hamburger".

  6. I'm becoming increasingly tempted by all this, though I suppose someone, somewhere must have already done Freedonia. I'll just have to go look for some vintage figures and see what's possible.
    Nice pictures though.

  7. Freedonia hasn't been used as far as I m aware Tom...

    As for figs use the current 25mm minifigs syw as some of these are or even RSM ...

    A few units and you are able to have a tactically intresting and fun game...

  8. Alan,

    The diplomatic relation between the Imperium and Syldavia is friendly. They have an alliance, the weight of the Imperium's goodwill and influence prevents the Republic of Venice from interfering too much in Syldavian affairs and the Prince of Savoy's Balkan campaigns gave Syldavia a free hand to push back the Bordurian occupation. The Imperium is too far away to be much of a daily military presence in Syldavia however.

    The shenanagins of a certain Syldavian lordling and estwhile ambassador in the Disputed Valley (should he take an active role against the Imperial forces) may require his official removal from his commission, but that character is far from court and his actions are outside the control of the King... Que sera, sera