Thursday 4 August 2011

The Brigadier..

This morning I decided I needed to work out the personality of the Cavalry Brigadier for Tradgardland. I didn't wish to start from scratch or use an old character. I therefore consulted Tony Bath's Campaign book and the (rather ineptly shuffled) cards...
BTW the cards were purchased about 40 years ago in Switzerland and have rather pleasing illustrations on them not to mention a lovely view of Innsbruck on the back.
Georg Genson- Smaaland Herrengardemeister (Lord of the Manor) has a love of wealth and what it can buy ,is physically handsome, a great lover, prone to taking revenge on those who displease him, is unreliable, energetic and courageous!

However it must be said that his greatest joy can be found looking at the contents of his cabinets of curiosities which fill a whole room within the manorhouse. Within that room can be seen the fruits of a lifetime's collecting,inheriting,bargaining, threatening (and on one occasion even murdering) to gain items for display within the linden wood cabinets. Georg has gone on the expedition with the sole purpose of adding to his collection by any means possible.The duties of a Cavalry Brigadier come a very poor second...

As a fellow member of the Ducal Society Duke Karl Frederick is willing to turn a blind eye to Georg's collecting but only for so long...


  1. Sounds like he has every personality trait a good cavalry commander needs!

    Is he related to Murat?


  2. A scholar and a soldier -interesting, rich personality!