Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Birthdays and boxes...

Freya,my youngest, was 14 yesterday on the 2nd of August.We all had a super day with a trip to Edinburgh shopping and coffee in Waterston's before retuning home for a birthday meal with Freya's auntie and granny. Friends popped in or rang with greetings and/or gifts .Freya enjoyed her day as did we all...

I have resolved to get out all my painted 18th century stuff from the Ikea drawers where they reside,pop it back in better order ( currently figures are higgildy-piggdly and it is hard to ascertain the size of the forces at all...) and see where we are at.
Unit movement trays,needing to be taken from the messy pile in which they currently lie, will aid both storage and organisation. The Tradgardlanders and Imperium are based on GW bases fitting into 2 by 4 movement trays whilst the Disputed Valley are based upon penny sized bases in a 2 by 5 movement trays. Other arrangements are there for light infantry,ensigns and cavalry.A note of requirements in terms of bases and movement trays will accompany me to Claymore on Saturday .I may have time to do part of this today perhaps not. Once done it will aid gaming ,choice of forces and give a better overview. Yesterday saw rain all day until early evening -today the sunne has risen with me.
Finally I am resolved to game even more (solo and with others) and have even more fun with the hobby that has accompanied me since boyhood through life...


  1. Kindly convey belated "happy birthday" greetings to Freya from off the west coast of Canada. May she have a wonder-filled life with much joy and contentment.

    -- Jeff

  2. ditto what Jeff said

    Good luck with your resolve, too

    And while you have the troops out why not take some shots of the massed army?