Sunday, 7 August 2011

Matters Diverse... a a tad downbeat (sorry-blame the weather perhaps)

It has been raining very heavily here and I awoke to a wet and dull Duchy... rain still lashing down. Now to move on:
Firstly a link for Jeff re Burntisland: where I hope he will get some info re the fascinating name.

Secondly regarding Claymore- a rather damp squib! Perhaps it was me or whatever but little caught my imagination- In a word uninspiring. Little games of interest to me- I liked the 40mm 1650s game of the Deluge in Poland,VBCW 1938* was a repeat(albeit an excellent one) of the one we saw last time, big SOA game (using Tactica) but I couldn't bear to go near them/it as a lapsed member of the Society having been a member for over 20 years but one who found less and less in Slingshot to read,a few good ideas in a pow escape game, some ok ecw in 25mm but nothing really caught my fancy at all. Traders were in abundance but nought bought beyond 100 bases (25mm circle) mdf for £2 . Much cheaper than GW ones...
I even forgot to pick up a book from Andy at Old Glory- my apologies Andy!
All in all not too great an experience. However there were good points like coffee and chatting with friends, bumping into folk one had not seen for ages and the alike.

I had hoped to return from the show inspired ( perhaps even distracted from the straight and narrow by a new and potentially exciting period ) but I wasn't - however the apres show was excellent - more of that later today when I have access to photos on my daughter's camera...

*perhaps the sight of some Dinky vehicles from the 1930's being used in the game( great idea guys!) reminded me of my father's ones which I loved as a child,looked for to use in my vbcw project but appear to have lost in moving house some years ago- it would have been so fitting to have used vehicles from the real 1930's in a gaming of the imaginary ones- if you know what I mean...


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  2. Thank you for the Burntisland link . . . sadly it doesn't seem to link to any real wargaming scenario . . . well, I suppose burning fishing huts (if that IS the origin) might possibly provide something.

    Still the name is obviously of considerable antiquity (at least to a Canadian).

    I'm sorry that the show didn't excite/inspire you more.

    -- Jeff