Wednesday 24 August 2011

Cast your votes here...

I originally posted this last Friday-

"Behind the town walls of one of the most heavily fortified towns in the Disputed Valley men are gathered from all the towns in the valley.Some are the Electors ( who failed to agree upon the election of a new Duke) others are men of influence or those who have seized the opportunity in these difficult days... The Electors ,furnished by Tradgardland and the Imperium, have been forcibly ejected from the town and are making their ways back to their army's respective camps within the Valley. Within the Rathaus a fierce debate rages into the night,through the dawn and into the next day. The men are forging the future and hammering out the Constitution of The League of Umstrittental... "

I have always tried to make my blog intereactive by asking for feedback and comments now I wonder if I can ask you to imagine you are present at the above gathering. Please cast your vote for or against the formation of The League of Umstrittental at the poll at the side. I would gladly bribe/encourage you with free ale and suckling pig but there are is limit to even the Internet I fear. Vote now and have a good day...


  1. According to the Enlightened Principle of Self-Determination MC voted 'Yes' -yet not without doubts about the 'national' status of the Disputed Valley, and the representativeness of the people (all men, btw...) gathered at this meeting...

  2. Self determination? What republican claptrap is this?

  3. My spies inform me that the seated Elector on the left is in fact studying a catalogue of new wigs and not paying attention to the proceedings of the meeting. What hope is there?