Saturday 20 August 2011

Developments and a question...

Behind the town walls of one of the most heavily fortified towns in the Disputed Valley men are gathered from all the towns in the valley.Some are the Electors ( who failed to agree upon the election of a new Duke) others are men of influence or those who have seized the opportunity in these difficult days...

The Electors ,furnished by Tradgardland and the Imperium, have forcibly ejected from the town and are making their ways back to their army's respective camps within the Valley. Within the Rathaus a fierce debate rages into the night,through the dawn and into the next day. The men are forging the future and hammering out the Constitution of The League of Umstrittental...

Saturday morning:Dear Reader it has been a busy week here in the Duchy.The new term has begun for all of us-Jan to her school office, the girls to 6th,5th and 3rd year respectively and myself to my to new P2 class . The paperwork ,new curriculum and admin have been infinitely wearisome (hence brief post) but the teaching has gone well. I forget,however,how tired it makes me. It has been a long week!
Finally the question- Can you suggest/recommend a set of medieval skirmish rules to me? I have got Retinue and it still looks good but I am open to other suggestions. Please leave them as a comment here. Finally have a good weekend one and all.


  1. Back to school before us down here (only 1 week to go before calm reigns in the house again). How about Pig Wars as a set of rules? Supposedly Dark Age, they worked very well in a 12c game we played a while back.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Retinue were the rules I used, the first formal rule set I used a lot as a teenager.

    There are a few available as free downloads :

    Cry Havoc

    and one from Lloydian Wargaming :

    Retinue might work fine if one took out some of the encumbering details...


  3. Alan,

    Guide to Wargaming by George Gush with Andrew Finch, 1980. ISBN 978-0882545080. Has a medieval skirmish set in them.

  4. Thanks for the ideas chaps I will look them up...
    I found interesting ones at
    which look worth a look too!