Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday morning in Tradgardland

Just a brief post this morning. Two photos to start the weekend - one is of some of the produce harvested from the garden ( beautifully photographed by Jan) and eaten last night. I get such satisfaction from planting,growing,harvesting and eating our own vegetables etc.I know many of you bloggers have gardens and/or allotments. Do tell us about how your garden etc if getting on .
The second photo depicts Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland and a trusted advisor(dismounted) prior to setting off for the Disputed Valley. In under two hours I will be setting off for Claymore in Edinburgh. The annual show promises to be as great as ever. If you are there say hello! A good weekend to one and all...


  1. Your veggies look great. Of course I have a difficult time shelling peas . . . most seem to find their way into my mouth (they taste good when fresh, don't they?).

    I hope that you have a grand time at Claymore (since I'm eight time zones away, I won't be there . . . *sigh*).

    -- Jeff

  2. I am off down the allotment in the next few minutes-I have a ton of beetroot to pull up and pickle this afternoon!

    Enjoy Claymore (and more veggies)!

  3. Good luck at Claymore wish I where going

  4. Have a great time at Claymore. Wish I could be there.

    My wife and I are trying container gardening, with mixed results. Carrots and squash do fine, but everything else is struggling in the hellish heat we've had these last few weeks. Still, what we do manage to harvest tastes much better than shop-bought.

  5. Look forward to seeing your 'harvest' from Claymore. I had a happy half hour turning the compost heap today.


  6. Nice veggies.

    Interesting to see that the ambassador from Wittenberg has become a trusted advisor to the Duke.

    -- Allan