Thursday 4 August 2011

Tradgardland Cavalry Brigade...

Reinforcements left the Duchy of Tradgardland yesterday bound for the Disputed Valley.

The first regiment was the Ducal Lifeguard,which comprises volunteers sent by various states of Europa. Amongst them can be found gentlemen of renown and undoubted bravery. They have seen action before and are most reliable .They will accompany Duke Karl Frederick himself who will lead the army in person...

The Smaaland Heavy Horse are the cream of the Duchy Cavalry regiments. They proudly claim a lineage which extends from the armoured cavalry of centuries before. Resplendent in coats of rose they carry the banner of the Guild of Bee Workers and Husbandry- who maintains the regiment from Guild coffers. Many of members of the Guild can be found within the regiment itself

Accompanying these regiments of renown will be the Cavalry Brigadier and a regiment of Dragoons...


  1. Don't stop the Cavalry!
    Good to see them again and in force -looking forward to discover the dragoons.

    'Tricorned' cheers,

  2. I'm in agreement with the others, nicely done. Look forward to seeing these resplendent little chaps in contest. - Mike

  3. At last I have picked him out!

    Miecek Duda is part of the Lifeguard of Horse!

    So perhaps a storyline can become connected?