Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Brief encounter...6.00am Tuesday

Just a very brief post to say thanks to all who have voted in the recent poll! There has been universal ( almost,but that is another story...) rejoicing at the decision to see the Disputed Valley becoming the League of Umstittental. Gentlewoman have embroidered through the night to produce a League Banner which I will reveal here shortly in all its glory...

Real life ,in the form of issues resulting from the dismantling of our concrete garage and preparation for the the new wooden one,not to mention increasingly arcane short and long term planning formats at work, has left me with little time and even less energy for the hobby!
Finally I am looking to extend my knowledge of 13th century Danish armies- any suggestions most welcome.

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  1. I would certainly suggest reading some of the so-called "Icelandic Sagas" (mostly written in the 13th century). While called "Icelandic", they were not all from Iceland, but all were written in "Old Norse".

    Here is a website where you can read a number of them in either Old Norse or English:


    A glance at Wikipedia for the various titles can give you an idea of what might be useful to you.

    Also Poul Anderson has written a number of novels based on the sagas.

    -- Jeff