Sunday 31 July 2011

Sense,Sensibility and Les Higgins...

Yesterday (Saturday)saw the sunne shining here in Tradgardland. Coffee was made and provisions purchased and we headed off to the beach to drink coffee,paddle and enjoy the day. Our local beach (just over 6 miles) at Aberdour was too busy to park and so we headed off to Burntisland instead. Glorious views across blue crystal waters to Edinburgh - the Forth is amazing at times and we are fortunate where we live...
Enough of the travelogue .Prior to leaving the postman left a parcel in a largish jiffy bag. Mr John Cunningham had sent,as requested , some samples of 20mm ECW figures .They arrived very quickly indeed. He had very kindly sent ,as you can see, a generous array of figures- many thanks John! The Les Higgins chaps are delightful filled with character and just itching to be painted.I hope to have a go over the next few days - I do hope I can do them justice. As ever,dear reader, you will see the results here before anyone else.

The evening brought a quiet glass of ale and a movie on dvd- last night's choice being Ang Lee's excellent " Sense and Sensibility" awash with talent like Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson,Robert Hardy and too many more to mention. My thoughts drifted off to imagining the adventures of Colonel Christopher Brandon and Sir John Middleton in the army in India. I wondered what regiments they had been in,what campaigns etc. It is the stuff wargames projects are started by but I will put the thought carefully away for a future rainy day- there are already too many thoughts there already I fear...


  1. Living in a small community off the west coast of Canada, I've never held a Les Higgins figure . . . but I've read nothing but good things about them, so I'm looking forward to your painted efforts.

    On a side note, there MUST be a story (perhaps even a war story) behind the name "Burntisland" . . . do you know it? If so, please share it with us.

    -- Jeff

  2. They are very nice. I'm looking at some myself at the moment.

  3. They look like nice figures from the pics, but if I ever do ECW I'll stick to 28mm (or larger). My eyes aren't up to the smaller scales even now.

    Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities to visit in the UK.