Friday, 8 July 2011

On the workbench and a 19th century rules question...

A view of the dining room table with the current Impetus project laid out whilst working this morning. A smallish,manageble and fun project...

Prince Lupus, if you read this can you tell more of your amendments for Impetus as you reffered to on Tom's blog recently?

Sunny here in the Duchy and hope to go out for a walk later en famile.

One of the great joys of this mini project is that I have endeavoured only to use figures I have lying around the house. I have taken a few liberties with figures used but am more than happy with the forthcoming troops. It is good to reuse rather than spend at times and very satisfying indeed...

Finally I have rediscovered my 15mm Spanish American war of 1898 collection in the garage- any suggestions for old school type rules to use them with? As ever I am relying on your ideas and suggestions!


  1. The Virtual Armchair General (TVAG) has a set of rules for Spanish/American war - think their called- 'A Splendid Little War' not sure what there like .

  2. I saw tricornes -and a lot of 'dragoon' fatigue caps: hurrah!