Monday 25 July 2011

Mapping the ridiculous ...

Today I was involved in taking my mother home from hospital to her house. This involved much hanging about and travelling.To pass the odd moment I therefore decided to make some rough sketches for a background to my forthcoming ECW games set in Scotland around 1639 . Here is a photo of the notebook page and subsequent scribblings...

The main character will be the Laird of Glen Michael ( with his cavalcade of troops?) and I have drawn the area around Glen Michael. To the west lies Glen Forde home to the western clans of highlanders and to the south is Glen Campbell where there are mines for "rhinestones" as well as the famous cattle looked after by the local boys. The Laird's nearest neighbour is the Laird of Glen Close (Glen Close is the scene of many dangerous liaisons and holds a fatal attraction for some) who lives near the "muckle toun" of Aberdeen- the militia from there are said to be drilling as we speak...
More details to be added soon but I do enjoy a little background to my games- in this case to be fleshed out in geographical and other detail. Who will declare for Covenant or Crown ,only time will tell!
p.s my mother is ensconced safely and happily at home and I look forward to some quiet gaming time tomorrow.


  1. Are the Glens overlooked by the lofty Ben Afleck? ;)

  2. Very good! Any Irish mercenaries?

  3. Right near the river isn't there a "Glen Ford"?

    I've long enjoyed seeing Glen Close since it is so very picturesque.

    -- Jeff

  4. Well Conrad I've always had a soft spot ( not to mention figures in the garage...) for Montrose's Irish chums - we will see !!!!!!!!!

    AJ and Jeff thanks for additional puns to add to the map- keep em coming!


  5. What?! No Glen Miller? Or is the cagey Laird keeping a low profile; waiting to see who'll pay the piper (or clarinet) and what tune is called?

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you proceed.

    All the best,