Thursday 7 July 2011

Keeping the Impetus up...

Some of you may recall this November post- where I mentioned my desire to do an Basic Impetus Baroque army to oppose Tom's Danes ( he of the recently mentioned recently started blog on these pages) with the army of the Duchy of Holstien -Gottrop. Readers wishing a little insight can click on the above link to find a little background to H-G and the personalities of the age...

I started the army this morning and have decided to base it with a winter/snowy theme. The picture is of a Swedish regiment in the Duchy's service . I have started on a command element with tent and fire also today.

While on the subject of tents here is the link to where I got the tent making /template pdf-

Today I had my hair cut ( short once more) for the first time in over 16 or so months and am actually quite pleased with the result. tomorrow will see me continuing the work on Ducal forces.

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  1. Ha, I thought you were looking like a youngish Spike Milligan the way it was. ha ha