Wednesday 6 July 2011

Not today I fear...

The weather has returned to rain today so no al fresco painting/gardening I fear. I am off into Auld Reekie later today to catch up with a friend and then pop out to see my mother in the suburbs. Hopefully the rest of the family will have a reasonable balance of R&R /chores in my absence.
As ever when in the Royal Mile I have a look in the GW shop. After all the figures are interesting and the styling/painting gives one ideas. I often buy bases and hobby sundries there. They always ask (in a friendly manner) what I am painting- and so they hear of 1938,syw ,imaginations and the alike. Sometimes a brief but interesting dialogue ensues...


  1. I have yet to visit Edinburgh (although I did one travel around it on a coach) but hope to do so sometime soon.

    My wife's family moved from Scotland in the 1700s, and one of her direct ancestors was born in the castle. He ended his life as a Chelsea Pensioner, having served in the Army until he was 90(!) as a Regular and then an Invalid. The records say that he was sent to Chelsea as he was 'too worn out and decrepit for further service' ... and they talk about retiring at 65+ as being something new!

    I also use GW shops for paints and bits & pieces, and have had a similar response from the staff when I have been asked about what I am painting.

    Have a good day.

    All the best,


  2. My plans have been thwarted by the change in the weather too. No sanding and painting outside doors today :) Although, this does mean that I can do similar on the inside of the house :(

    Enjoy the city and don't be tempted by the dark side.



  3. There is nothing wrong in visiting a GW store. Not even in purchasing things . . . however when you consider how many historical figures you could purchase for the cost of a few of their highly-priced (I won't say over-priced because some folks are happy to pay the tariff), most of us will turn away from their figures (although many are quite nice).

    Remember though that some of the people who start with GW products will eventually become historical gamers . . . maybe not a high percentage, but some . . . so the GW stores DO provide a valuable service.

    Enjoy your day, sir.

    -- Jeff

  4. I look forward to Tradgardmastre's Epistle to the Nottinghamians.