Wednesday 13 July 2011

A good day in the Duchy...

A good day in Tradgardland for a variety of reasons...

Firstly Jan had her Consultant appointment today and all continues to be well- we don't return there until the beginning of October.

Secondly I have enjoyed sorting out the "lead mountain" in the garage (see attached photo) and have found interesting things to use and many to get rid off which I no longer wish to have/play with. A useful morning's work indeed!

Finally I have enjoyed the OSW Charge ECW project - mustering forces ,planning games and rule amendment- just the ideal thing to do when sorting lead out...


  1. Is that a Vaubhaun type fortress I see lurking in the forground ?

  2. It is indeed- bought for a battle of Banjaluka 1737 display game nearly 20 years ago!

  3. So did Miecek Duda ever turn up?