Saturday 9 July 2011

Out and about...

We have been out and about a bit. Yesterday,Friday, we went

to Aberdour beach and enjoyed some time walking and beach combing there. We looked across the Forth (five miles) to Edinburgh and it was covered in clouds and what looked like heavy rain. Subsequent looking on the internet confirmed that they had localised flooding and quite a storm. For us all we had was rumbling thunder.

In the background you can see Incholm Priory on the island of Inchcolm. My "wargamer's brain" thought it looked an excellent spot to use as base camp for a raiding /invading force. Plans forming of Republican French threatening the good people of Scotland in 1798 a la Sharpe Practice...

Finally I have posted a pic of the garden with excellent potato crop for your entertainment. There seem to be quite a few of us blogging chaps who enjoy our garden/allotments too.Enjoy your weekend whatever you do...

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  1. Alan,

    Your potato crop is already ready!? Scotland is a good place to be a plant! Here, the garden started quite slowly as we had a frigid spring. I am home for the moment between trips to different places North, enjoying the roses, etc while I can. My garden is about to become quite colourful, though I'll probably miss the best of it.