Thursday 14 July 2011

ECW Charge - some rules thoughts...

Morning all!

I have been musing upon the role of highlanders in ECW Charge as follows:units made of mixed figues armed as figure portrays.move as LI, only those with bow/firelock can fire and melee bonus in combat for unit...The above applies to clan irregulars and not to regular units recruited fromhighlanders .

Secondly I have been thinking of the firing from the wings in pike blocks asfollows:only the front figures in each block (three according to the brigadier'sorganisation) can fire each turn- this is to simulate fire by extraductionwhereby the commander can keep up a steady rolling fire...

Your thoughts please gentlemen!

I spent some time rebasing some figures onto round bases of value ( if you get my drift...) and was taken aback by the extra weight in the drawers of the Ikea storage I have...

Having deployed a couple of units on the kitchen table I am pleased by the visual appeal of the figures and the potentiality for smallish scale fun gaming ahead...


  1. Oh dear you are tempting me with yet another period ! .Dearly love Grant's Wargame rules - probably my 'Desert Island' set of rules.

  2. Number of musketeers firing depends on how long a nominal move duration is; if a move is 15mins, all the musketers would have probably been able to fire.

    Useful formations with animations at

    -- Allan