Monday, 11 July 2011

ECW Charge- a unit deployed upon the table...

This evening I laid out an ECW Charge unit ( a la Brigadier Peter Young) on the kitchen table. I have only laid out the shot wings and central pike. I have not deployed the 5 officers and 4 serjeants with 2 drummers and CO who is also present

A 12 inch steel rule is there for scale. I know the figures are not old school but it is the impression I am interested in...

As ever your comments are welcome!


  1. I don't know about the UK, but here in Canada about one penny in five is actually made of ferrous metal and are thus attracted by magnets.

    Every so often I go to the bank and get a load of penny rolls, then go through them with a powerful magnet and find the ones that are "magnetic" (well attracted by magnets actually). Those are what I base figures on.

    Why? Because I use simple bases of plastic card covered by sheet magnets (with thin balsa strip rims) for group movement trays.

    They are easy to make, the sheet magnets can be cut with scissors to whatever size you want and paint doesn't interfere with magnets.

    This sort of thing would be ideal for you to consider, particularly for your pike blocks.

    Finally, like you, I think that these units are very over-officered.

    -- Jeff

  2. Only the shot wings would also be 3 ranks deep like the pikes - I didn't make that clear in my OSW post .

  3. The shot look a bit thin - 3 ranks of figs would be better.

    When I started my ECW project I was orginally using 18 shot to 12 pike, grouped as 9-shot, 9-pike+ofiicer+ensign+drummer, 9-shot.

    As I'm using 40mm figs and the footprint was a bit big for my gaming table, I downsized to 12 shot to 6 pike.

    -- Allan

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  5. Hi

    I have posted some info I have on the OSW Yahoo group.

    The other thing that I found interesting is that I have exactly the same table cloth on my kitchen table!