Tuesday 26 July 2011

Skirmish in Glen Michael...

Today I set up a small skirmish to try out the Neville Dickinson/Bayonet rules of circa 1969 kindly sent to me by Mark of late. Here is a battle report. The game takes place around 1639 in Glen Michael ,Scotland...
The Laird of Glen Michael's regt of foote advances upon some supporters of the Covenant( led by the Laird of Glen Campbell) who have taken up a position in a wood. It is hoped that they can be driven off from the Laird's land...

Alexander McNicol ( a professional soldier and veteran of the continental wars) commands the shotte to advance and bring fire upon the hedge. The Laird's men come under fire and take casulties...

A morale test is required, which the shotte fail, and so they retreat back to the waiting pike and Alexander McNicol...

With stirring words McNicol rallies the men and joins in as the whole regiment now advances upon the Laird of Glen Campbell's men reloading behind the hedge...

A furious exchange of musketry ensues and many casulties result from both sides.The men are wavering...

Finally both sides fail a morale test- the men of Glen Campbell rout back through the woods and the Laird of Glen Michael's Regt retreat from the battlefield.This is only the beginning of this "warre without an enemie..." in Scotland!

An enjoyable game was had using the aforementioned rules . Next time I will add more figures to the game including frames and cavalry and hopefully give the rules another playtest. I am more than certain they will be up to the job.


  1. Hi

    Sounds like the rules worked well.

    Since sending them to you have I read them the first time in years, and I think I give them a go.

    My game will have to be Blasthof Moor of course as I live in Yorkshire about 2 miles from Denton the home of Tom Fairfax.

    6 figures to a base and the pike 9


  2. Great game ! , very inspiring !

  3. A brief but bloody affair, eh?
    Always good to see some fun had with a few figures and a small space.

    I've long had an interest in the ECW, and especially the Royalist side with the likes of Prince Rupert and Lord Montrose. Some day I hope to do some figures and gaming in that era. Seems like it could be well-suited to small actions, with plenty of character (and characters), stories and such.

  4. Looking forward to Blasthof Mark...I am glad you are going to give the rules a go too.

    Mossstroper why not dip your wargaming toe into the period - buy a few figures to paint up and see how it grabs you...

    Fitzbadger I too have had a long ECW interest (esp Montrose) and agree it is" well-suited to small actions, with plenty of character (and characters), stories and such."
    One can either go down the imaginary route and raise local forces or do the same with the fasinating real forces/characters from an area. BTW I found the recent George Gush articles (from circa 1969) posted on Vintage Wargames Blog to be very inspiring- have you seen them?

  5. A good playtest if perhaps a tad on the bloody side.
    Tactically perhaps the pikes should have assaulted- then those behind the hedge would most likely have legged it !
    Are you going to Claymore this year ?

  6. I hadn't seen the Gush articles you mention, but I do own a copy of his book "Renaissance Armies 1480-1650".

  7. http://vintagewargaming.blogspot.com/search/label/English%20Civil%20War
    is the link for the ECW articles Fitzbadger...

    Andy I am fully intending to go to Claymore this year- just enjoying the show and not putting on a game...