Friday 29 July 2011

On getting a new layer of skin and other arrivals...

Today a variety of reading material arrived here in the Duchy. The Airfix ECW guide came and is filled with many good things -many of which I remember from years ago when I had it in my late teens. It will certainly works well as a primer and has much to add to the knowledge of those with some knowledge already.

Also arriving here is the latest issue of the CWJ which has been enjoyed in the garden between cups of tea and games of Boule ( more of that anon) with the girls. As ever the journal has a good selection of articles with something for all tastes. My favourite is the Indian Mutiny stuff...

The day began with me adding another layer of skin, sorry super glue, to my fingers. What I was trying to do was to assemble some Perry plastic figures. What a mess I got into. I will try again tomorrow and hopefully get further with the task. Any advice more than welcome...


  1. Don't use super glue for plastics. Try and get hold of some revel or Humbrol plastic glue with either a brush or long nose dropper, the model shop in town should have something. Beats that new layer of skin any day!

    Which Perry plastics are they - WOTR Mercenaries perchance?



  2. They are indeed Ross( and ideal as late 15th century Europeans as wel as wotr) and excellent figures they are too...
    Thanks for the tip I will get some over the weekend- brings back memories of the really smelly Airfix glue I used to make kits many moons ago...
    Have a good weekend

  3. I use plastic glue from Revell/Humbrol for plastics - stops though awkward stuck to yourself and other things problem

    -- Allan