Friday 15 July 2011

My ECW thoughts re Charge so far


Many thanks for the enthusiasm and advice so far. I still feel that we are onto something as we walk the tightrope skilfully between too many additions/changes and the rules as the Brigadier wrote them...
I feel that we are getting to the point where a playtest of our ideas is becoming feasible . I do think that excellent games could be had filled with the fun and simplicity of Charge but in the 1640s.
I ,for one, already have a picture in my mind of Blastof Moor ( somewhere in the misty Highland glens) filled with drum and bagpipe martial music not to mention pike and musket with some highlanders for local colour. Already names for the local Laird are beginning to form in my early morning coffee fuelled mind!

Of course I may be wrong -perhaps Blastof Moor is in Yorkshire where some noble cavaliers await the enemy on a summer's morning...

Enjoy the weekend whatever you are doing!


  1. Were Haselrigs lobsters at Blastof Moor?

  2. I'm following your investigation into ECW Charge with interest. I hope you publish the end result somewhere.

    Also only just noticed your comment on Impetus.

    1690-1740 variant is here:

    Have a look at the following forum where Des can elaborate on any questions.