Saturday 9 July 2011

Pike and Shot Society rejoined...

Upon my return from town today I opened the package that the postman had left. It was from the Pike and Shot Society. I had recently rejoined ( after a period of absence ) and knew the journals were on the way thanks to a helpful and friendly email from Gary Flack their membership secretary.

I had simply not rejoined some time ago as I was probably trying to save some money at the time. I also ,a couple of years ago, gave many of my copies of “The Arquebusier” and “Slingshot” to the Charity shop in attempt to reclaim space upon the shelves. However I felt there was room to join once more

Recently I looked at the Pike and Shot Society website and found it filled with many good things. I resolved to rejoin and found the process so easy by way of Pay Pal. And so I waited patiently for the brief period the journals took to come…

And what of the copies of “The Arquebusier” that arrived today. Firstly they are A5 in size which is handy and pleasing on the eye, secondly they are filled with many excellent articles ,reviews ,colour illustrations and much more. I have really enjoyed reading them and am so glad to be back in the fold so to speak…

Many moons ago I was involved in putting games on for the Society one being Winwick Pass from the ECW. We also displayed leaflets and merchandise the society at our game . It was good to talk to the public and meet like minded gamers.
So gentlemen why not have a look at the contents on the P&SS website-
Who knows you may decide to join or rejoin yourself!!!!


  1. Always fancied the Rennaisance period but the lack of simple playable rules stops me .