Thursday, 26 September 2013

Autumn in the Duchy and things Eastern.

Yesterday morning I was able to get a quick photo of this visitor to the Duchy- a Sparrowhawk we think.It is the first time we have seen a bird of prey in the garden.I look forward to seeing it again soon I hope.
Our one and only sunflower has come into it's glory at last and attracts the bees and hoverflys in great numbers.
Two of our apple trees look like producing the best apple crop since they were planted.The weather has helped greatly this year.We look forward to tasting them soon.
Waiting behind the door on our return, thanks to the postman, this afternoon was a copy of the above eagerly awaited rules from Osprey.They look good and on first reading are filled with great potential. The long term plan is to field a couple of Boshin war period buntai when more figures are available.In the short term I will look out some Ming to get ready to oppose my regular opponent's samurai.Have any of you used the rules yet?I'd be interested to hear of your experiences with them...


  1. Time to crack open the Kurosawa box set old chap.

  2. I think you may have a Kestrel, particularly if you have some motorway or railway nearby!

  3. I once owned some Hinchliffe X range samurai - beautiful figures, sadly the range was too small for anything more than a skirmish level game.

  4. Great post. Our sunflowers are long gone, so nice to see one in full bloom.

  5. You have a sparrowhawk. We have one in our neighbourhood, we call him Omar after Omar Little in "The Wire", as whenever Omar appears all the smaller birds run (fly) away at great speed. Do you have birdfeeders that are frequented by small birds? Your sparrowhawk will target them, such is nature...