Sunday, 15 September 2013

Still here/update...

Sunday afternoon in a showery Tradgardland.
I'm taking the opportunity when Jan is driving Anna back to university this afternoon ( with her sisters and granny riding shot gun) to post. Anna was 18 yesterday and we all enjoyed celebrating her birthday . We drove her down for freshers week last Saturday ( which went really well) and she came home by bus on 13/09. I had my operation on the 9th and all has gone well.I am signed off work until the 4/10 and need to rest to aid recovery.Jan has her first Chemo this coming Wednesday.
I hope to get some projects up and running ( have started a little ) as I am useless except for light duties in  and around the home. I have started the 6th Sidebottom novel ( set mainly in 3rd century Scandinavia) and am enjoying it.I watched "Papillon" on dvd this morning and it remains an excellent film to watch,I'd not seen it for years.
I read the above book whilst in hospital and can recommend it .A well written and diverting account .
Finally does anyone know of a source of 28mm scale lanterns?


  1. Glad to hear that your procedure went well - do get the rest you need; a belated Happy Birthday to your daughter; and all the best to Jan.

    I am also interested in the source of some lanterns - are we looking for the same goal perhaps? :)

  2. Hi Alan, glad to hear things are getting back on track. For lanterns GW have some scattered among their Empire sprues and I am sure I have seen them elsewhere, perhaps in the model shop among the nautical bits and bobs such as brass chain and the like. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I read and re-read Papillon many times in my youth, with mixed feelings of excitement and horror. A brilliant book nonetheless.

  3. Good to hear from you Alan. Good too that your op went well. Fingers crossed for both of you.

    I think Papillon is available on BBC iPlayer just now, I'll maybe try and catch it.

    The numbers related to both my daughters birthdays are getting big and their cakes are considered fire hazards!

  4. Hi Alan, Lanterns like the one I sent you are part of a Mordheim sprue that turns up now and again on Ebay.

  5. Dear Alan,

    Been gone for ages it and now catching up on everything in urgency it seems. My thoughts and prayers are with Jan and you.

    I have just taught the first of my fall semester classes, including one for the ever-so young and fresh-faced students in the first semester of their first year at university. They are no doubt just like your daughter. This is usually the most pleasant of all the classes I teach, thanks to the optimism of the new students before whom I find myself each fall. It is a gift that diminishes the spectre of the grind to come.

    All the best!

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  7. Alan, I hope your recovery goes well, and that you get all the rest you need. The very best wishes for Jan too - and your newly flown from the nest!

  8. Good to hear your operation went well. Best wishes to you and your wife on your medical treatments and recovery!

  9. Good to hear to you are on the mend there and I pray all the best for you and your wife