Saturday, 21 September 2013

News from nowhere...

The Duke of Tradgardland was phoned yesterday by his Leige Lord ( employer) who left him feeling like a skiver for being off (even tho signed off by my ducal medico) and having to self certify my absence (on my return) for my days in hospital - how crazy is that?I definitely  feel it was not the intention of My Lord to make me feel thus,in many ways they were very supportive before I came off, but nevertheless I am left with a bad taste in my mouth.I am never off  but feel I need to shamefully skulk behind the walls of the Ducal Palace until I return to work...enough of this rant.
J had chemo on Wed,all went well but she is still feeling the effects.This will pass soonish.I have been doing what I can and trying to divert myself. I have some wonderful character filled Admin Celts bought from Garrison many moons ago on the work bench to fight my Romans.No pictures as yet as the camera lead has gone awol. Also trying to get up enthusiasm/energy for some medievals too.Sidebotttom has been diverting but I have not read it for a few days..I enjoy keeping in touch with other's projects thru their blogs and this remains a good way to start the day.Being reading about late 19th century German toy soldiers ( such as Spenkuch ,Haffner and Heyde)  as well as the Boshin War in Japan .This diverts briefly but I admit to being out of sorts.So off to do some things around the place,try to rest  and maybe paint.My daughter is off tomorrow to the Prestonpans reenactment to take photos and generally enjoy the atmosphere.Have a good day whatever you are doing.


  1. Keep fighting !

    Best regards Michael

  2. There is almost certainly a HR policy of having to contact anyone sick after x days have passed. Probably also one of a return to work interview where you explain the bloody obvious that they already know. Your boss has to sign he has done these things, in between he can behave like a human being.

    All part of the Stalinist culture of trusting no one to do their job or make decisions.

    Take the time you need and if you are not completely fit then get another sick period. You need to be completely fit and then some to cope with a return to full time work plus caring for your wife, don't feel guilty about that obvious fact. Certainly not because some faceless idiot has devised a 'policy' that ignores individual needs.

    However, I hope both of you are much better very soon.

    best wishes

  3. John.good to hear from you.I had sent a sick line last Thursday when I got it therefore I thought I had done my duty.Thanks to you for your kind words.

  4. Tradgardmastare,

    I had two long periods off sick during my teaching career and on both occasions I had several similar 'helpful' calls (usually from an administrator) and was even sent to see the education authority's own doctor to make sure that I was actually ill. (In fairness to the doctors I saw, they interviewed me, read my medical reports, and told me not to return to work until I was fit and well.) I knew that it was being done for the best of reasons ... but it did not feel like it at the time.

    I hope that you make a full and swift recovery, and that your wife's chemo is successful ... but don't rush to go back to work. Get fit and healthy first. Your job takes a lot out of you, and if you are not 100% fit it will take its toll on you. I know ... because that is what happened to me.

    All the best (and try to keep wargaming ... it will help you get better!),


  5. illigitimi non carborundum.

    Unfortunately some people do take the mickey so we're all treated as potential skivers when the occasion arises.

    Ignore it and get well.

    All our best to the good lady too.

  6. That HR for you mate but the important thing is that you are on the mend. Stick upper and all that stuff

  7. Keep the upper stiff - and focus on keeping your better half on an even keel. We'll be thinking of you.

  8. Your health is more important than your boss - look after yourself ! , hope you are feeling better , Tony

  9. You were ill, had a genuine need to be off, so sod 'em. I hope Jan gets well soon.

  10. When the paper-pushers get involved, I think it is best to just smile and wave, and get them out of the way so one can relax and heal again. Best wishes for all of you.

    Would like to see more of the medievals...

  11. Bob Cordery is 100% correct. The effects of the chemo are quite pervasive and if your wife needs to receive therapy again, it will have the same effect. My wife was on chemo for four months and would feel terrible fo five days begin to feel better and then have to be infused again. You both need to feel better before resuming life's demands.
    Please feel better and take care of each other.

  12. No wonder you are out of sorts!! There is a lot going on without phonecalls from admin sorts. Unfortunately it is the way of the world nowadays. All one can do is let it wash over you. Keep your strength up and I hope all goes well.