Monday, 23 September 2013


Yesterday before retiring for the night I set up a small game -
It was part of  the continuing struggle (circa 1805) between the Duchy of Tradgardland and her Baltic neighbour the Kingdom of Denmark.Please click on the photo for a better look...
The rules to be used were Bob's Portable Wargame ones for the horse and musket period.This morning the game was played-
The view from the Danish lines...
15mm figures,toy wooden houses,trees from my bargain buy at Dobbies and pencil hand  gridded floor tiles were used.It was great fun to play solo and Bob's rules came up trumps once again.Again I am struck by just how much fun you can have from a small tactical situation ,a few figures and scenery.I will do this again very soon.


  1. A nice set up and I believe small games can be just as exciting as big ones !

  2. That looks fantastic - this style of game is really growing on me these days.

  3. That looks very fine - there's definitely something to be said for small is beautiful.

  4. It is great to read that you were motivated enough to set up and fight a wargame ... and one that looked so good as well!

    The 16 x 8 grid gives enough extra space to make things really interesting, and I look forward to reading about your next battle ... or hopefully, battles!

    All the best,


  5. I like the simple, stylised look of your battlefield: it is both functional for gae purposes, aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity and - very importantly - achievable without undue effort or expense.