Saturday, 28 September 2013

Its four in the morning (well five actually) the end of September...

Early Saturday morning.
Yesterday was a melancholy day in the Duchy.A combination of the overcast weather,the Black Dog sniffing around at my heels and doing too much ( a pathetically small amount actually) added to the mix.A short (but in reality too long for both Jan and I) walk along the old railway line displayed the season in all it's glory with feral raspberries and abundant blackberries around.It is tempting to go back to pick them but one has to run the gauntlet of dog poo lying in wait for the unwary or the distracted.
At best of times I am a wargaming butterfly but it is worse of late .I pick up and leave aside wee projects in abundance.Yesterday I did however finish my game-
It turned out to a fun and exciting game.Dice decided when and in what numbers the Danish reserves would arrive.After a stalemate in the village between the Jack tars and the Danish Landvaern the reinforcements arrived.The above photo shows the crew of HMS Surprisingly and Captain Lucky Jack retreating back towards their ship.A furious melee continues between the sailors and some Landvaern lancers ( youths on cart horses with pointy sticks I fear).All in all good fun and I am sure ,in spite of their dismal failure,Lucky Jack and his crew will fight again.
Of late I have been following a super blog- which is about using 20mm Douglas miniatures to fight Crimean battles. Bob shared an interesting set of his rules which I will attempt to use for some syw gaming.So it was off to the shed for a cane and some sticky labels from the drawer and here was the result-
I hope to use them in a trial firefight later this weekend.I have increased the size by a third to fit in with my 25/28 mm figures.Do pop over to Bob's blog for more of his rules and super figures too.
Finally being a fan of the Antiques Roadshow ( as well as a wargamer) I am enjoying the current chat re a very early example of the hobby- has more fascinating details...
Have a good Saturday one and all and do pop back later to see my old school cane in action with the forces of The Imperium and the duchy of Tradgardland...
p.s the naval flats were a bit of a disaster and at not appearing here at present


  1. Good to seeing you well enough o have a little game Alan.

  2. glad you are feeling better - great game 1

  3. Again, good game. That Black dog travels about doesn't he? He was here for a week in the summer but I sent him packing eventually.